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About Dallas

Dallas is a prominent city in the Southern United States. An important player in American Economics, three of the highest rated Fortune 500 Companies are located here. The Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Metropolitan Area is the fourth highest populated city in the country, preceeded by New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It is also the 4th largest rate of employment in America. Considered the crossroads of America, it was a trading center for cotton and cattle in the past, but is in more recent times focused on fossil fuels.

The Dallas suburbs are known to have one of the highest cost of living due to a number of reasons. Cheif among them are the rapid increase in jobs, education, influx of international companies relocating locally, low tax and ease of access.

Dallas is home to a confluence of highways from several different states that intertwine, collectively known as the High Five Interchange. The DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and Trinity rail lines serve as public transportation. The gigantic, world famous Dallas Forth Worth International Airport was developed as a major hub in America, managing flights directly to Japan, as well as many other places.

Being an inland area, the humidity index can be quite high. In the summers, it is one of the hottest areas in the United States. It can reach temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius in August, with some days going above even that.

Winter is comparitively warm, but when the cold front comes, it can reach temperatures below freezing. Snowfall is also not unheard of. When humid air pressure from the south reaches Dallas, so called freezeing rain occurs. It is a region with a fairly wide variety of climates and weather patterns.

Barbecue and Mexican food are what Dallas is known for. It is also home to some of the nation's top steak houses. The world-famous Ritz-Carlton is also located here in Dallas. Dallas may be a compact city, but it is a city that will leave an impression on you.

Viewing the Dallas Cowboys stadium at the center of Dallas Fort Worth really puts into perspective just how big Dallas, and indeed Texas, really is.

There are not very many Japanese shops around town, but with the recent transfer of Toyota's headquarters to the Dallas suburbs, many Japanese hotels, supermarkets and restaurants are said to be in development. With this, it is predicted that more Japanese companies will expand to Dallas in the coming years.

Dallas is home to corporations such as Texas Instruments and ExxonMobil. The leading industries are information technology, fossil fuels, petrochemical, electronics, military and transportation. It also functions as the nation's center of economic and financial industries.

In Dallas, there are already plenty of Japanese companies. Toyota has plans to relocate to Plano in the near future. Because of those plans, several affiliate companies are also planning to expand to Plano.

In connection with this move, plans for city, housing and road development, are underway. It is expected that there will be an increase in the necessity for more workers to come to Dallas.