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About Chicago

Known as the "Windy City", Chicago, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, is currently the city with the third largest population in the United States. It plays an important part as the heart of the industrialized Midwest, as well as being the famous home to many Nobel Prize winners. It is also very well known for its excellent universities, such as Chicago and North Western.

Since times past, Chicago was an important hub for the financial, technology, communication and transportation industries. O'Hare International Airport boasts one of the world's highest number of departures and arrivals. It also has the largest amount of freight traffic on their high speed railway system.

The metropolitan area suburbs is home to 10 million people, boasting the third highest rate of employment in the United States.

There are two international airports: The O'Hare International Airport, and the Chicago Midway International Airport, both of which are accessible by trains that connect directly to downtown. Direct flights to Japan are available at O'Hare. Chicago sees the largest amount of freight traffic out of any city in the nation.

As for commuter railways, we have the CTA and the Metra. The CTA is particularly surprising in that it opperates 24 hours a day. Chicago also houses a major Amtrak hub, with lines extending as far as San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Though the number of outdoor activities become severely limited in the Winter due to the cold, one can expect to experience all four seasons in Chicago. Lake Michigan can be observed in all its wonder from Downtown. Thanks to the phenomenon of urban warming, it is comparitively cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter than the surrounding suburbs.

Lake Michigan is bordered by many sandy beaches and parks. Piers jut out from the shores amidst the backdrop of skyscrapers, among which many fine art statues can be seen. As the city is organized in a gridlike pattern, it's very simple to navigate while strolling the city looking for works of art.

The suburbs, different from downtown Chicago in many ways, are a comfortable place to live. Specifically the Northwest section, home to many Japanese companies, is relatively safe with great education and Japanese language schools (both weekend and full-time), restaurants, and supermarkets. The Japanese community is thriving in this area.

If Chicago is anything, they are the center of the manufacturing and logistics industries. The sales and service industries are also thriving. Technology-based trading companies and industrial machine tool makers are also on the rise in Chicago.

Functioning as a hub of air trade, Chicago is home to international logistics companies from not just Japan, but all over the globe. The area is rich with talented personnel. With the midwest being the foundation of the automotive industry and key supporting figure of the manufacturing industry, it is predicted that Chicago will continue to act as a center of world economy for some time.