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Administrative assistant / Interpreter
Level / Type
N/A / Full
Visa Sponsor
Start Date
Salary / Temp $
35000 - 45000 /
Work Hrs / OT

English / Japanese /
Exp. Industry
/ /

Job Description
Work Location: Lake City, MN Position: Bilingual Administrative Assistant / Interpreter (Japanese and English) *Note* This Position would be interpreting documents in English to the American counter parts and then translating English to Japanese. They have some Japanese engineers who speak little English, so he/she would be interpreting for them. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Prepare confidential and routine internal and external communications and documents for the plant manager and confidential communications for staff members. 2. Compile and publish weekly key statistics report, and prepare special reports including monthly management books, annual profit plan and labor contract. 3. Act as receptionist for the plant manager and management staff by screening telephone calls, and/or visitors. Coordinate all plant communications with news media. 4. Coordinate internal plant communication programs such as newsletter, recognition letters and video information media. 5. Make necessary travel arrangements for plant manager and other salaried personnel. Maintain itinerary for plant manager and management staff. 6. Administer salaried performance appraisal program including goal program and goal follow-up program. 7. Prepare information necessary to issue checks through ADP and complete accounting reports for salaried payroll. Maintain monthly insurance premium reports. 8. Coordinate arrangements for business meetings, special events and employee use of company car. 9. Maintain the key control and Capital Appropriations log for the Lake City plant. 10. Assist with special projects and perform other duties as assigned. 11. The person assigned to this job has the authority and responsibility for the tasks designated in the EMS (Environmental Management System) procedures and for the tasks described below. – Understanding and assuring conformance with the plant’s Environmental Policy as it relates to their job responsibilities. – Understanding identified facility Significant EMS Aspects relating to their job and conforming with related facility operational controls. – Understanding and assuring conformance with facility EMS Legal and Other requirements relating to their job responsibilities. – Suggesting appropriate modifications of facility EMS documents to the EMS coordinator. – Reporting any observed facility nonconformance to the EMS coordinator. – Supporting and offering to their supervisor or EMS coordinator suggestions for the improvement of the facility EMS.
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