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Account Management Administrator
Jersey City
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/ Full
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Custody Administration
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- D.O.E. /
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9:00-17:00 / a lot

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Job Description
PLEASE NOTE: This position requires fluency (speak; read; write) in both Japanese and English; strong MS Office skills; as well as finance-related work experience in Japan. SUMMARY Enforces client accounts management and quality improvement activity JOB FUNCTIONS (DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES) 1. Submits and processes approval and request forms for operational use, and file them. 2. Inputs and maintains databases in the department, and print out reports. 3. Creates and maintains procedures with the manager’s advice. 4. Maintains and researches files and records in the department. 5. Submits or verifies reports based on reports from custody system and other materials/data. 6. Verifies cash, securities, corporate action and other transactions, and inform any problems to the manager and applicable operation groups. 7. Corresponds with JTSB, [hiring company]-GIS in Tokyo and [hiring company]-LUX as appropriate. 8. Submits materials for marketing, quality control, and business promotion and structures with the manager’s request. 9. Processes idle cash interest and Payment Order List (MT103). 10. Collects and controls necessary documents for segregate accounts, WEB, Reduced Tax and Tax Reclaims. 11. Setting up of new accounts and safekeeping of documents based on BSA. 12. Performs all BSA/AML assigned duties as listed in the “Amended and Restated Policy regarding Opening, Monitoring and Closing of Custodial Accounts” as found on Employee Access. 13. Performs all other duties as assigned by management. REQUIREMENTS 1. Either bachelor’s degrees in Business, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, or equivalent preferred. 2. Basic knowledge of cash and securities settlement structure is preferred. 3. PC skills in Japanese and English (MS Word, Excel, Access preferred). 4. Strong communication skills (verbal/written) in Japanese and English.
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