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Senior Associate / Planning & General Affairs Administration Supervisor
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/ Full
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Planning/ General affairs( General Administration)
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9:00-17:00 / a lot

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Job Description
PLEASE NOTE: This position requires fluency (speak; read; write) in both Japanese and English; strong MS Office skills; as well as finance-related work experience in Japan. SUMMARY -Planning Assists the management of Planning to design, coordinate, implement and monitor bank-wide projects. Assists in semi-annual bank-wide planning and budgeting & expense control. Prepares analytical reports to Tokyo in Japanese. -General Affairs Performs administrative work in Planning/General Affairs. Maintains accounts payable, document management and handling the Japanese Expatriate administration and important mail handling. MANAGEMENT/SUPERVISION None. JOB FUNCTIONS/DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Planning • Researches information from various sources like Internet, information vendors, banking regulators and other US global custodians etc. • Assists to prepare annual Business Plan and to monitor the budget and expenses. • Analyzes the collected information and prepare reports for management review. • Assists to coordinate, implement and monitor bank-wide projects relating to Risks and Managerial Accounting to improve efficiency and resource allocation. • Assists Planning management operations. • Coordinate Tokyo-related matters and monitoring related documents, as required. • Translates important documents as needed. • Performs all functions as assigned by management. 2. General Affairs Administration • Administers Accounts Payable • Administers Document Management • Administers and monitors the subsidiary, GIS related matters • Administers Vault open/close and access control • Arranges Business Travels • Administers Japanese Expatriate related matters • Handles Important Mail with the Parent Bank and Subsidiary in Japan • Arranges accommodations for guests • Translates and Prepares English and Japanese reports important documents as needed • Performs all functions as assigned by management. SPECIFIC AUTHORIZATIONS 1. Opens and closes the vault and inner safe 2. Controls the important keys COMPLIANCE 1. General Compliance Responsibilities: i. Monitors the business activities and/or operations of the Bank for activities that are suspicious or potentially suspicious, and utilizing the Reportable Events Form found in the Bank's Public Folders, promptly reports such activities to the Regulatory Compliance Department and to Human Resources. ii. Each employee of the Bank shall be required to (a) attend all seminars that are conducted in connection with the Bank’s ongoing compliance-related training program, including all seminars relating to Bank Secrecy Act/ Anti-Money Laundering (“BSA/AML”) requirements and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) regulations and (b) take and pass all tests that are administered in connection with the training program, including those relating to BSA/AML and OFAC-related issues. RISK MANAGEMENT 1. General Risk Management Responsibilities: Has good knowledge of applicable risk management practices required to create a culture of risk management compliance for his or her group or department. Identifies, assesses, and monitors applicable risks based on the Bank’s risk management policies and procedures. Reviews work of subordinates for risk management purposes, if applicable. 2. Exhibits best practice risk management skills through effective internal risk controls, risk monitoring, risk assessment and improvement of risk management processes. 3. Specific type of risks applicable to the job function such as credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, legal/compliance risk, reputational risk and information security risk shall be discussed with the manager and senior manager of the area. REQUIREMENTS 1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent. 2. Strong oral and written communication skills in English and Japanese. 3. Good interpersonal skills. 4. Good PC skills. Proficient in Microsoft applications such as excel, Word and PowerPoint.
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