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Experienced / T-F
Visa Sponsor
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50000 - 60000 /
Work Hrs / OT
9:00-17:00 / a little

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Job Description
Information Technology Company located in NY is seeking an Accountant. -Assistant Manager/ Accounting Manager/Sr. Accountant, Corporate Planning & Operation -Supervision of Subordinates' Daily Operation -Instructing staff accountants to prepare A/P, A/R and G/L date entries and authorizing the same Authorizing corporate check issuance -Performing fun transfers for the payroll funding and other payments -Monthly Closing and Reporting -Reviewing, making adjustment of and finalizing the Trial Balance to prepare monthly profit/loss statement to be presented to General Manger if needed -Manage Monthly general Ledgers to record payrolls, depreciation amortization and other monthly adjustments -These jobs maybe assigned to the subordinates under your supervision. -Preparing payroll data and making arrangement with the payroll company with respect to the payroll processing. -Funding for and maintaining 401K program, including updating employee payroll data and preparation of forms and returns in compliance with ITS requirement. -Monitoring all expenses in comparison with the monthly budget. -Instructing the subordinates to monitor the asset addition and deletions monthly. -Quarterly Review Preparation and presentation to Auditors. Preparing and presenting the auditors the quarterly -financial data and materials Participating in and assisting General Managers for the discussion with auditors regarding quarterly activities and events affecting the financial condition to of the company -Making adjustment entries to finalize quarterly trial balances -Quarterly Report TO vice President, Corporate Planning & Operation -Audit Preparation and presentation to Auditors -Annual Report to Vice President, Corporate Planning & Operation -Responsible for Federal Local and Municipal Tax Related assignments, -Transfer pricing Related.
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