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Japanese traveling agency is looking for a representative

General Position Summary:

This position is responsible for scheduling and dispatching driver guides, airport guides and vehicles for tours and transportation services. Job duties also include coordinating local tours with vendors as well as handling customers’ claims.

[[Dispatch, Sales, customer assistance]]

• Dispatcher (airports and operation), check flight times and confirmation, optional tours reservations

• Organize materials for guide assignments; by designing brochures and flyers for the optional tours, creating new optional tours, and maintaining coupons and vouchers

• Manage tour/driver guides and vendors; by assigning them to the tours and transportation services, maintaining their schedules and the vehicles, and checking tour/drivers guide tariff and salary

• Arrange the optional tours and guides/vendors for other cities, follow up and assist other cities during the weekend (CHI, BOS, MIA and the other Eastern regional area)

• Create daily reports and inform all related departments, conduct challenge/HOPS final procedures

• Customer service (including claims); respond to emergency phone calls during the evening

• Assist tour guides with optional tour sales
• Tour briefing (including but not limited to hotel information, information during stay, information of the area and optional tour sales)

• Maintain payments for optional tour, transportation and ticket sales

• Entry of data into HOPS system

Customer Assistance

• Assist customers in airport and check-in and hotel check in / out
• Customer support calls over the phone,create reports regarding all support calls

***There are three working hour shifts***
early morning, mid morning, later morning shits.



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