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Import Operations
San Francisco
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Experienced / Full
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31000 - 35000 /
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8:00am-4:00pm / some

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Job Description
JOB SUMMARY Import Operations is responsible for performing break bulk operations and import customer service duties to process the documentation necessary for import freight to clear US Customs and delivered to the final consignee in a timely and safe manner in accordance with governmental regulations. Duties & Functions Essential: -Coordinates with Agents and partners and ensure that all import shipments are properly documented. -Sort, process and distribute all documentation for incoming consolidations and direct shipments. -Study various modes of transportation to ascertain the most efficient and timely movement of freight for forwarding and delivery. -Make I/T entries for on-forwarding of shipments to all destinations and arrange transportation to said destination. -Ensure that all documents required by U.S. Customs regulations are correct and complete to include customer compliance under the supervision of the designated Customs Brokers. -Negotiate with trucking companies and airlines to obtain rates and guarantee of delivery. -Arrange local deliveries for customers after customs clearance when appropriate. -Issue invoices to customers. -Set up all necessary arrangements indicated on Advance Information for the smooth movement of import freight. -Provide quotations in response to customers and internal requests including overseas partners. -Perform customer service duties with correspondence to customers and overseas partners, emails fax, etc. -Assist in the implementation of customer service policies and procedures to ensure that the service that is being provided is of the appropriate standard and level. -Other responsibilities and duties will be assigned as may develop or may be necessary to fulfill the above position. -Must have basic training in ISO if applicable. -Must be able to convey information and ideas clearly. -Must be able to evaluate and select among courses of action quickly and accurately. -Must routinely meet deadlines. -Must be able to multi task. -Must be effective in handling problems in the workplace including anticipating, preventing, identifying and solving problems as necessary. -Must be effective at listening, understanding and clarifying the concerns and issues raised by coworkers and business clients. -Employee must have excellent written and oral communications skills. -Employee must have excellent organizational skills and be prepared to work as a team player. -Comply at all times with Company standards and regulations to encourage safe and efficient business operations. -Attend meetings/training as required by management. -Perform other duties as requested by management.
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