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HR Manager/General affair Manager
San Francisco
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Experienced / Full
Visa Sponsor
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Salary / Temp $
- 100000 /
Work Hrs / OT
9:00-6:00 / some

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Exp. Industry
/ /

Job Description
HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER GENRAL AFFAIR MANAGER FUNCTION Planning, directing, implementing and overseeing human resources policies and activities such as employment, compensation, benefits, employee training, employee relations and communication for the company. Overseeing the payroll regulations and policies are up-to-date and are in compliance. Overseeing the General Affairs matters Corporate Secretary AUTHORITY Assist the President in hiring and terminating employees. Implementing HR policies REPORT TO Report directly to the President/CEO COORDINATE AND RESPOND TO All employees including the Union employees. RELATIONSHIPS Maintain relationship with all Department Heads Maintain good working relationship with the union representative and the company shop steward. Maintain relationship with the outside legal counsels and lawyers RESPONSIBILITIES Payrolls and benefits processing Implementing laws and regulations related to payrolls, health care, and labor codes. Employee Relations Recruits, screens and test applicants Verify that a newly hired has valid SS #. Run background check for candidates for potential employment. Work with CEO to set long term staffing goals and strategies Maintain employment resumes, application forms Develop and manage the Dept budget Provide training/seminars Security Code maintenance for the office building. Review works and performance of the contracted janitorial workers and gardeners. Providing payroll information to 3rd party for the workers comp premium calculation Providing census information to the pension provider/administrator. Submits information to actuary for actual valuation of pension plan. Maintain official minutes and resolution of the Board meeting and the Shareholders meeting. Maintain employees health records are up-to date and arrange coverage payments. Make certain that small office equipments contracts are up-to-date and equipments are property maintained. Administers the 401(k) Plan. Administers various employee benefit programs, such as group insurance, life, medical and dental, accident and disability insurance Renew the medical coverage contracts and the LTD insurance. Process the medical, dental, LTD and life insurance premiums. Verifies unemployment insurance claim. Provide employment verification to agencies. Maintain plant and office bulletin boards in an up-to-date and legal compliance manner. Keeping abreast on the legislations that affect the payroll, employments and employee benefits. Acts as one of the primary persons to whom incidents of harassment or discrimination may be reported. Provide necessary documentation work for visa application. Maintain a visible presence in the work area. Keep information confidential. Prepares government reports.
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