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IT Help Desk Support
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Experienced / Full
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42,000 - 48,000 /
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Job Description
Overall Responsibilities Central “help desk” functions for all user departments. This job involves planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting and optimizing all PC software, Hardware, peripherals, copiers and communication equipment and troubleshooting of all computer hardware to ensure maximum uptime of this equipment. Duties and Tasks Setting up a network for a newly established company with e-mails, intranet, etc. on new or used PCs and PC related equipment, communication equipment, copiers, etc.. Assist all users with utilization of PCs and PC related equipment, PC software, peripherals, communication equipment, copiers and all equipment which is responsibility of Information Systems Department. Troubleshoot and fix problems with computer systems, which includes troubleshooting hardware and software, e-mail, network and peripheral equipment problems. Troubleshoot and fix problems with wireless and local area network. Perform backups and keep log of daily backups. Keep documentation of hardware and software inventory and update it on regular basis. Make sure that virus protection software is up-to-date and clean any viruses that infect computers within the company. Telephone programming such as add, remove and changes. Responsible for backing up software and assuring that a PC configured for a user has all necessary software loaded and tested before issuing to the user. Must review and Track-it data base twice each day to determine those tasks which must be addressed by a IT technician from outside and work with HR manager to prioritize those request, acting on urgent situations immediately. Environment and Physical Requirements Subject to calls after hours and on weekends for urgent software or system problems at the company. Hazards / Safety Must follow safety rules at the company and wear a hard hat in all designated areas at the company. Interfaces / Relationships Reports to the HR/ IT Manager, but must work under direct interface with the CFO when necessary. Skill / Knowledge Requirements Must be thoroughly knowledgeable in the area of personal computers, PC operating systems, Microsoft products, computer peripherals, copiers, printers, and all PC software products installed at the company. Must possess good communications skills and demonstrate a keen ability to work with users, understanding that the I.S. department is the service bureau for all other departments.
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