Job ID
Union county
Level / Type
Entry / Full
Visa Sponsor
Start Date
Salary / Temp $
30000 - 35000 /
Work Hrs / OT
9:00am-5:00pm / a little

Japanese / English /
Exp. Industry
/ /

Job Description
Japanese IT company seeks an excellent Help Desk Support. The location is Somerset County in New Jersey. (Salary commensurate with experience.) Required Japanese language skills. Helpdesk Duties -working at client's office and support (New Jersey, Somerset County) Support and troubleshoot PCs and servers and install, upgrade and maintain commercial off the shelf software (COTS). Requirements -Bilingual in both English and Japanese -Good communication skill Able to commute to new Jersey (Drivers Lisence). Job Description • Troubleshoot hardware, software, and network problems over the phone and to independently solve problems creatively for mainly Japanese speaking users. • Image and Deploy Laptops/Desktops with Microsoft OS and MSMM approved applications • Installation of other business approved software on Laptops/Desktops as requested • Configure and Deploy Blackberry Units as requested • Support and Upgrade Blackberry Server as requested • Recover of Laptop/Desktop files as requested by the business • Support of other MSMM approved peripherals connected to Desktops/Laptops as requested • Interacts with technicians from Development Team, Development Management, IT Operations Team, IT Operations Management and head office technical support in Japan.-Transfer the email system
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